Essential Oils

Every essential oil has an identity, an aroma and some particular characteristics. A single oil may contain hundreds of constituents that are molecularly aligned in exactly the right manner to trigger a number of responses in the human body. When the oils are blended so are their benefits. The combination of different oils can enrich some properties or produce new characteristics. Apart from their emollient properties, they provide the skin with gradually prolonged moisture and nutrition. Acting like catalyst, they accelerate the epidermis penetration of substances. By molecular bonding, the oils can easily mix with our hormones, facilitating their travel throughout the human body’s organs, revitalizing and regulating our emotional and physical reactions. Due to the concentrated nature, they are blended in extremely small quantities.

  • Eucalyptus
    Antiseptic, balsamic, cicatrizing, anti-parasitic. Acts against flues, rheumatism, fever and decongesting. The essence is a powerful deodorant that fights microbes and viruses. Also used as a natural antibiotic, by purifying the air in case of epidemics.

  • Menthol
    Essential oil containing mint, the active substance. In practice applied as an intestinal antiseptic, anesthetic, decongestive and anti-feverish.

  • Lavender
    Contains a lot of properties and is considered the most versatile essence. It has multiple uses. It is analgesic, anti-depressive, cicatrizing, deodorizing. It is used for skin problems, rheumatism, benefiting the respiratory system and stress. Helps to relax, calms the nervous system and it is an effective sedative. It is pleasing to taste and smell, excites appetite and elevates the spirit.

  • Sandalwood
    Vivifying, vasoconstrictor and detoxifying. It is used to combat mental fatigue, against cellulite, stress, nervous tension, sexual and skin problems. The sandalwood aroma elevates the spirit and favors concentration and spiritual thought. 

  • Vetiver
    Antiseptic, aphrodisiac and sedative. A calming oil, excellent for combating tension and for controlling the nerves. Helps to calm states of irritability, anger and hysteria. Serves to treat dry or dehydrated skin and acne. Prevents and reduces wrinkles and stretch marks developed during pregnancy. Activates blood circulation.

  • Rose
    Against depression, nervous and menstrual problems and stress. Recommended for sensitive and dry skin.

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