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⇒ Bathing in a magnesium-rich Dead Sea salt solution improves skin barrier function, enhances skin hydration, and reduces inflammation in atopic dry skin, by Ehrhardt Proksch MD, phD*, Hans-Peter Nissen phD, Markus Bremgartner MD and Colin Urquhart phD, International Journal of Dermatology, Volume 44, Issue 2, pages 151–157, February 2005

⇒ Psoriasis treatment at the Dead Sea: A natural selective ultraviolet phototherapy, by David J. Abels, M.D.correspondence, Jonathan Kattan-Byron, M.D. Beer-Sheva, Israel From the Division of Dermatology, Soroka University Hospital and Faculty of Health Sciences, Ben Gurion University of the Negev. Accepted: November 15, 1984;

⇒ Demographic evaluation of successful antipsoriatic climatotherapy at the Dead Sea (Israel) DMZ Clinic, Marco Harari MD* andJashovam Shani PhD, International Journal of Dermatology, Volume 36, Issue 4, pages 304–308, April 1997 

⇒ Climatotherapy of atopic dermatitis at the Dead Sea: demographic evaluation and cost-effectiveness, by Marco Harari MD, Jashovam Shani PhD, Vladimir Seidl MD and Eugenia Hristakieva MD, International Journal of Dermatology, Volume 39, Issue 1, pages 59–69, January 2000

⇒ Immediate and delayed effects of treatment at the Dead Sea in patients with psoriatic arthritis, by O. Elkayam, J. Ophir, S. Brener, D. Paran, I. Wigler, D. Efron, Z. Even-Paz, Y. Politi, M. Yaron, Rheumatology International, March 2000, Volume 19, Issue 3, pp 77-82

⇒ Protective effects of a cream containing Dead Sea minerals against UVB-induced stress in human skin, by Meital Portugal-Cohen, Yoram Soroka, Zeevi Ma’or, Miriam Oron, Tamar Zioni, François Menahem Brégégère, Rami Neuman, Ron Kohen and Yoram Milner, Experimental Dermatology, Volume 18, Issue 9, pages 781–788, September 2009

⇒ Dead Sea sun versus Dead Sea water in the treatment of psoriasis, by Z Even-Paz, R Gumon, V Kipnis, Dj Abels & D Efron, Journal of Dermatological Treatment Volume 7, Issue 2, 1996, pages 83-86

⇒ Dead sea bath salt for the treatment of psoriasis vulgaris: a double-blind controlled study, by Sima Halevy, Hani Giryes, Michael Friger, Shaul Sukenik, Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, Volume 9, Issue 3, December 1997, Pages 237–242

⇒ The percentage of patients achieving PASI 75 after 1 month and remission time after climatotherapy at the Dead Sea, by Marco Harari MD, Lena Novack PhD, Joachim Barth MD, Michael David MD, Michael Friger PhD and Shimon W. Moses MD, International Journal of Dermatology, Volume 46, Issue 10, pages 1087–1091, October 2007

⇒ Climatotherapy at the Dead Sea: An Effective Treatment Modality for Atopic Dermatitis With Significant Positive Impact on Quality of Life, by Adler-Cohen, Chagit BMS; Czarnowicki, Tali MD; Dreiher, Jacob MD, MPH; Ruzicka, Thomas MD; Ingber, Arieh MD; Harari, Marco MD, Dermatitis: March/April 2012 - Volume 23 - Issue 2 - p 75–80

⇒ Sulphur bath and mud pack treatment for rheumatoid arthritis at the Dead Sea area, by S Sukenik, D Buskila, L Neumann, A Kleiner-Baumgarten, S Zimlichman, J Horowitz, Ann Rheum Dis 1990;49:99-102 doi:10.1136/ard.49.2.99

⇒ The Dead Sea, A Unique Natural Health Resort, by Shimon W. Moses MD, Michael David MD, Ehud Goldhammer MD, Asher Tal MD, and Shaul Sukenik MD, IMAJ 2006;8: 483–488

⇒ Increased Vitamin D Serum Levels Correlate with Clinical Improvement of Rheumatic Diseases after Dead Sea Climatotherapy¸by M. Harari, E. Dramsdahl, S. Shany, Y. Baumfeld, A. Ingber, V. Novack and S. Sukenik, IMAJ 2011: 13: April: 212-215

 Treatment of psoriatic arthritis at the Dead Sea, by Sukenik S, Giryes H, Halevy S, Neumann L, Flusser D, Buskila D, The Journal of Rheumatology [1994, 21(7):1305-1309]


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