Natural Extracts

  • Hamamelis
    It has astringent, refreshing and anti-congesting properties. Strengthens the veins and acts anti-inflammatory. It is recommended for the varicose veins and hemorrhoids. Can also be used for inflammatory skin such as eczema.

  • Chinese Ginseng (Panax ginseng)
    An energizing antioxidant that rejuvenates tired skin. 
    Stimulates the regeneration of cells and reaffirms flaccid skin. All its constituents (fats, minerals and vitamins), quickly penetrate the epidermis, reducing wrinkles. University studies have shown that ginseng accelerates the elimination of toxins and protects against sunrays.

  • Nettle
    Possesses astringent and anti-inflammatory characteristics. Reduces rheumatic pains and produces a drainage effect.

  • Brown Algae
    Detoxifies, stimulates, is anti-inflammatory, softening, possesses a drainage effect and expands the blood vessels. Reabsorbs the fat nodules and revitalizes the tissue, eliminates liquids, reaffirms and contains minerals, vitamins, proteins, etc.

  • Orange Peel (Citrus Aurantium Dulcis)
    Obtained by pressing orange peels, cleans and refreshes the skin.

  • Centifolia Rose / Damascena Rose
    Possess astringent, anti-inflammatory, anti-septic and healing properties. It contains vitamins and anti-oxidants (C, E K carotenes), which explain its probable effect in preserving the youth of the cells. Additionally contains vitamins of the group B, tannins and pectin. It is used externally to treat herpes, wounds and skin ulcers. It is also applied against stripes, acne and for treating old and inexpressive skin.

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