The Active Substances

BIOSAL® natural salts from the Dead Sea contain only 5-8% NaCl as opposed to other available Dead Sea salts that contain around 15% or more NaCl. Thus, BIOSAL® natural salts enjoy a greater concentration of bioactive minerals, of which some are found exclusively in the Dead Sea. Even less, that is 6%, is the share of the crystal water in the BIOSAL® mineral salt, which in other products even reaches a share of 30% and more. BIOSAL® is therefore highly concentrated, effective and free of toxic chemicals. We only offer what we have tested ourselves, and when we are absolutely satisfied.

BIOSAL® BLACK MUD is a natural blend of minerals and organic material formed over millions of years. BIOSAL® BLACK MUD is extracted from an area where the well-known Ma’in hot water springs pour into the Dead Sea. This means that residues in this area are richer in mineral content, than in other zones of the Dead Sea.



BIOSAL Naturprodukte

Biosal Naturprodukte 
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