Biosal Natural Products celebrates its 10th Anniversary

In times of intense international competition, the appearance of evermore corporate dinosaurs, tensions in financial markets and further challenges, the healthy survival of SMEs (small and medium enterprises) is not only a success, but also proof that they form the backbone of many economies and create jobs in Austria, as well as Europe. 

Founded 10 years ago, Dr. Gerhard Supancic, after 40 years of experience in advising international businesses (on behalf of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber), took control of a small business idea that has meanwhile grown. Biosal Natural Cosmetics©, or Biosal Naturprodukte© is a specialist in the area of natural cosmetics based on 100% natural mineral salt and mineral mud powder from the Dead Sea. Our local experience allows us to choose the extraction area with the highest mineral content in the Dead Sea for both raw materials, and safeguard their careful extraction. This guarantees the high concentration of minerals in comparison with simple sea salt and also forms the ultimate differentiator. 

In recent years we have developed a cosmetics line with a renowned laboratory and supplied the raw materials.

From our headquarters in Korneuburg, and due to our flexibility and size, we can deliver around the world in different quantities (for example 5 kg, 50 kg, 500+ kg). So far we have delivered to the USA, Spain, Guatemala, Honduras, Germany, Russia, France as well as several countries in Asia. These trust Austrian reliability, quality and efficiency. The personal contact to our clients is very important to us as a family business and this is maintained, being the foundation for our success. Compared to large companies it is important for us, to offer our customers an experience every time and this without huge advertising expenses. We invest relatively little in advertising, but all the more in our products and in reliable, friendly and helpful customer support that tries hard to fulfill your wishes as soon as possible. 

Thank you for your continued trust and loyalty! We look forward to continuing to grow with you, and your comments, ideas and wishes!


BIOSAL Naturprodukte

Biosal Naturprodukte 
Alcira Supancic
Eschenbachstrasse 2
2100 Korneuburg

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